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Ultimate Deluxe Paper Animal Bedding, 4kg

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  • Absorbent & Warm Paper Bedding for Small Animals.
  • Ideal for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other animals.
  • 42cm x 26cm x 18cm Compressed Paper Bale.
  • Shredded Paper Each About the Size of a Stamp.
  • Eco-friendly – 100% Clean Unused Paper – NO Metal or Plastic Bedding.
  • Densely Compressed to 4kg (20 Litres)
Amazon Top Rated Product. Buy direct from our website for the best prices.

5% of all sales are donated to One Tree Planted, an NGO which plants trees with reforestation projects all over the world - With your help, Seedzbox has donated 36,496 trees since 2020.

Delivery Charge: (tracked courier delivery): £2.99 under 2kg; £3.99 over 2kg. Free delivery on orders over £30.


  • HEAVENLY TEXTURE FOR TINY FEET: Allow your pet to feel like they’re pacing on the clouds with our confetti bedding. Whether you use this to pad their cage, cover unpleasant smells, or absorb moisture, your pet will feel properly pampered. Shredded into small pieces of about 15-20mm, these shavings can be layered up to give your pet something to play with and burrow through.
  • REDISCOVER THAT “CLEAN” SMELL: Our soft shavings have been condensed, so when you lay this on the bottom of your pet’s cage, hutch or litter tray, the stamp-sized shredded paper absorbs all surrounding moisture and accompanying odour. Often, we don’t have the time or desire to clean these things top to bottom five times a day: it’s impractical. Our shavings save you time by taking away nasties caused by moisture, leaving you to spend quality time with your pet and not your cleaning supplies.
  • BEDDING CREATED FROM 100% CLEAN, UNUSED PAPER: SeedzBox is all about finding solutions. This material is a waste product that was destined to be destroyed, but we save it and turn it into comfortable bedding for domestic pets. We feel this is just as eco-friendly as recycling as we’re all about reducing waste. Plastic- and metal-free too, we take the utmost care and consideration in what we put around your beloved pets.
  • NO FILLER IN OUR 4KG BAG: Weighing 4kg after being condensed to minimise spillage while transporting, our bags contain plenty of bedding. We don’t bulk any of our products out with sawdust, so don’t worry about your animal inhaling any dust or other nasties, trust that they are getting the good stuff. For a lot of animals, burrowing underneath the shavings provides them with a sense of security and helps them to relax.
  • BE AN ECO-HERO: 5% of the money from each SeedzBox sold is donated to the One Tree Planted Foundation, an eco-conscious non-profit that plants trees all over the world.