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Ultimate Deluxe Cockatiel Bird Food Seed & Nut Mix, 1kg Bag

High in protein
No fillers or powders
Source of healthy fats
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SeedzBox is focused on creating high-quality seed mixes that animals will seriously love. We pride ourselves on nourishing your pets the right way, with premium grains and seeds you can actually see. No fillers or bulking powders whatsoever.

The Ultimate Deluxe Cockatiel Food includes White Millet – High in Protein & Fibre, Striped Sunflower – Rich in Healthy Fat & Vitamin E, Canary Seed – High in Antioxidants & Protein, Oat Groats – High in Carbohydrate & PotassiumRed Millet – High in Protein & Carbohydrate, Buckwheat – Iron & High Oil Content, Safflower – High in Healthy Fats & Oelic Acid, Oats – High in Fibre & iron, Soya Bean Oil – Source of Healthy Fats.

5% of all sales are donated to One Tree Planted, an NGO which plants trees with reforestation projects all over the world - With your help, Seedzbox has donated 36,496 trees since 2020.

Delivery Charge: (tracked courier delivery): £2.99 under 2kg; £3.99 over 2kg. Free delivery on orders over £30.


  • Ultimate Deluxe Cockatiel Bird Food Seed Mix - 1kg Bag - Your Cockatiels Will Tell The Difference.
  • SeedzBox sources only the very finest bird seed mixes - please read our high-quality ingredients list - there are no fillers.
  • We donate 5% of all our SeedzBox sales to the 1TreePlanted Organisation, which plants trees worldwide.
  • Includes White Millet, Striped Sunflower & Canary Seed.
  • Contains Red Millet, Oat Groats and Buckwheat.
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