Hamster Food

Ultimate Deluxe Hamster Food Seed & Nut Feed Mix 1kg

High in protein
No fillers or powders
Source of healthy fats
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SeedzBox is focused on creating high-quality seed mixes that animals will seriously love. We pride ourselves on nourishing your pets the right way, with premium grains and seeds you can actually see. No fillers or bulking powders whatsoever.

The SeedzBox Ultimate Deluxe Hamster Seed & Nut Mix 1kg contains: Vitamin C Pellets, Cooked Flaked Barley, Selenium, Cooked Flaked Wheat, Cooked Flaked Maize,  Zinc, Striped Sunflower Seeds, Cooked Flaked Peas, Whole Maize, Peanuts & Soya Bean Oil.

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5% of all sales are donated to One Tree Planted, an NGO which plants trees with reforestation projects all over the world - With your help, Seedzbox has donated 33,642 trees since 2020.

Delivery Charge: (tracked courier delivery): £2.99 under 2kg; £3.99 over 2kg. Free delivery on orders over £30.


  • HAMSTER HAPPINESS: With a high-quality mix of varied ingredients and textures, this seed and nut blend has been made specially with hamsters in mind. We can read their minds and they adore crunchy food. Something in this bag of deliciousness will take your hamster’s fancy and keep them chomping for hours. Chewing on crunchy food like ours helps hamsters wear down their ever-growing teeth!
  • YUMMY HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: A high dose of Vitamin C for your cute pet as well as plenty of ingredients safe and satisfying for hamsters. Included is one of their healthy favourites, Peas, as well as several other yummy ingredients such as Barley, Maize, Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts, Soya Bean Oil and Wheat.
  • NO FILLERS OR POWDERS: Only premium grains and pulses that you can actually see. Chewing on sawdust-ridden mix is a dull nightmare for any little furball! There are no nasties hidden to bulk up our mix, so when you catch your hamsters’ cheeks full of food you can relax knowing they’re enjoying the best variety food mix from SeedzBox.
  • BE AN ECO-HERO: 5% of the money from each Seedzbox sold is donated to the One Tree Planted Foundation, an eco-conscious non-profit which plants trees all over the world. Helping the planet has never been so easy… or so jam-packed with hamster wholesomeness.
  • 1KG BAG: Plenty of goodness all in one bag, so even if your furbaby eats more than the average hamster, you have 1kg of our seed mix to tide your pet over until you get the next bag. We’ve thought of everything, haven’t we?