Seedzbox’s Guide to Feeding Your Guinea Pigs

Healthy Guinea Pigs are Happy Guinea Pigs

With their bouncing fluffiness and sparkling beady eyes, guinea pigs are delightfully endearing little animals. These charming fur babies make for wonderful companions, and having them in our home is a source of endless smiles, cuddles and entertainment. For all of the happiness they give us, it only makes sense that we would want to be certain without a doubt that our guinea pigs are having the time of their life living with us.

Giving a guinea pig all of the joys and comforts they could imagine isn’t particularly hard. One of the many ways you can express your love is by making sure that they have access only to the highest quality of delicious and nutritious food. Food is love. And if the food is not only irresistibly tasty but also bursting with benefits, then your guinea pigs will be truly happy in their body, mind and soul.

Some Simple Rules to Keep in Mind

When it comes to feeding guinea pigs, the basic rule is that they are herbivores. The majority of their diet should consist of fruits, veggies and hay - this means that these adorable fluffs can’t eat any dairy, insects, meat or anything sugary. Guinea pigs will always appreciate having an abundance of fresh hay to much on as well as a fresh supply of water which is changed daily.

Another important rule is that guinea pigs aren’t able to formulate their own vitamin C, so if they don’t receive sufficient amounts of this nutrient in their diet then there is a chance they could develop scurvy. It’s up to us to ensure that we provide them with a comprehensive and nutritious guinea pig feed which will supplement them with their vitamin C requirements.

As well as a constant supply of fresh hay, guinea pigs also require a high-quality and nutritious feed on a daily basis. Guinea pigs also adore fresh produce, particularly greens such as spinach, cabbage and broccoli, and these make a fulfilling treat. The amount which would fit in a teacup is generally a good rule of thumb for how much veggies a guinea pig should be eating in a day.

Speaking of fresh vegetables and leafy greens, there are a few which are particularly abundant sources of vitamin C. These include salad peppers, broccoli, parsley, kale, spinach and tomatoes. When it comes to tomatoes, however, make sure that you’re feeding them the fruit only, because tomato leaves are unsafe for guinea pigs to eat. For a guinea pig’s daily diet, the four things they need are fresh hay, clean water, a good quality guinea pig feed and a selection of leafy greens and veggies.

Happy Guinea Pigs Love Seedzbox!

Seedzbox – The Perfect Feed for Perfect Guinea Pigs

Seedzbox Ultimate Deluxe Guinea Pig Crunchy Nuggets Food Mix and Seedzbox Ultimate Deluxe Guinea Pig Crunchy Food Grain and Veg Mix are feeds which have been lovingly formulated to take care of all of your guinea pigs’ dietary needs. Being available in two varieties, you can select the feed which is the ideal fit for you’re guinea pigs’ impeccable tastes and adventurous lifestyle.

The crunchy nuggets are perfect for those guinea pigs who are more selective eaters, who with a more varied mix might be missing out on some important nutrients. With everything packed into each and every single nugget, your fussy guinea pig can nibble happily away and you can relax knowing that they’re not missing out on any of the good stuff. On the other hand, if you have an energetic guinea pig, then the crunchy grain and veg mix is a great way to encourage foraging behaviours and their natural inquisitiveness.

Guinea pigs are vivacious creatures who love variety and change in their life, and this is why our feeds are a sensory explosion of flavours and textures. The crunchiness is not only irresistibly tasty, but it is also crucial for maintaining a guinea pig’s dental health. Their teeth never stop growing, and so these crunchy nuggets enable them to file down their teeth and maintain their smile.

Here at Seedzbox, we are all ardent animal lovers and we are passionate about creating deliciously nutritious feeds which will delight the animals in your life with every bite. Many commercial feeds have been bulked up with fillers or powders of little to no nutritional value. For the people behind Seedzbox, however, we want you to know without a doubt that every morsel of the feeds we create are bursting with utter goodness. If your guinea pigs are happy and content, we know that you will be happy and content too.

Moreover, 5% of each of our sales are donated to the One Tree Planted Organisation, an amazing initiative devoted to battling deforestation and planting trees all over the world.