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Feeding Parrot - How to Feed Parrots at Home

Parrots are exotic beauties with vivacious personalities to match their glorious plumage. With their regal appearance and striking intelligence, they are fascinating pets that will enrich anyone’s days and nights for the better.

A common assumption is that they are challenging to maintain and keep happy, but with knowledge and compassion it is not difficult to keep them content at home as long as we abide by a few crucial instructions when its comes to feeding and watering them, playtime and care tips.

1) A varied diet is important for Parrots


First and foremost, a varied diet is essential to keep parrots interested and entertained.

In the luscious rainforests they come from, they would have had access to a range of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts which they could select from at their leisure.

It’s important to try to replicate this diversity as much as possible at home, bored parrots can easily become frustrated and irritable, and constantly stimulating and challenging their taste birds is a great way to keep them entertained.

2) Parrots love many different types of fruit and vegetables

Apples, pears, cherries, grapes and peas are amongst the many types of food suitable for parrots, and they love it if they are encouraged to actively forage for their food, for example by hiding it in puzzles and toys so that a rewarding activity can be made of eating.

3) Fresh water must be changed daily for Parrots.

A fresh supply of water, changed daily, is definitely a must.

Other forms of enrichment include perches, large cages, an outside aviary for the summer months, and some occasional fly time. 

4) An outside aviary is recommended for Parrots

Birds have been built to fly, and even those that have been raised in captivity love the feeling of being able to stretch their wings.

This is why an outside aviary is a worthwhile consideration, because it gives them a chance to flutter their feathers, whilst also feel the sun warming their plumage.

Placing fruit branches in their cage is another wonderful perch idea, and it also enables them to keep their beaks properly shaped.

5) Interact with your Parrot daily


Parrots are social and intelligent animals, and this is why daily interaction and playtime with these energetic birds is essential for their physical and mental well being.

For the parrots, their beloved humans are a part of their flock, and they expect to be able to enjoy quality family time with their adopted flock members.

With parrots this is particularly easy, because they are such wonderful conversationalists and produce a range of entertaining vocalisations.

6) Make sure that the Parrot cage is large enough


An ample cage with plenty of space and regular cleaning is another important requirement that is often overlooked.

When content and satisfied, parrots are able to form meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their human flock members.

Their natural curiosity, abundant energy and aptitude for playfulness means that respond especially well to training, which enhances your interactions with them as well as deepening the bond.

7) Patience and positive reinforcement is crucial for training Parrots

Patience and positive reinforcement are the key rules when it comes to training, and some delicious morsels of Seedzbox Ultimate Deluxe Parrot and Parakeet Food Seed and Nut Mix Feed will certainly help in this regard.

A delicious and nutritional feeds will mean that your parrots’ plumage will remain colourful and bright, they are always chirping and whistling excitedly whenever you come to play with them, and you are able to develop a wonderful and meaningful bond with these dazzling feathered creatures!


SeedzBox Ultimate Deluxe Parrot and Parakeet Food Seed and Nut Mix Feed: A Vibrant Diet for Vibrant Birds.

At Seedbox, the welfare and happiness of animals lies at the heart of our operations, and this is reflected in the high standards of the garden seed and seed mixes we manufacture for the wonderful feathered creatures in our lives.

Seedzbox’s Ultimate Deluxe Parrot and Parakeet Food Seed and Nut Mix Feed Seedzbox is created by a dedicated team of bird enthusiasts who intrinsically understand the unique dietary requirements of parrots.

Fillers and powders are kept well away from our ingredients lists, and only the finest quality of ingredients are used in order to ensure that every beakful of our parrot feed is bursting with nutritional seeds and nuts.

Parrots are beautiful birds with personalities just about as colourful and as stunning as their plumage. These delightful feathered friends can be particular when it comes to what they like to eat, and this is why we here at Seedzbox have formulated this delicious seed and nut blend that is proudly manufactured in the UK.

Seedzbox’s Ultimate Deluxe Parrot and Parakeet Food Seed and Nut Mix Feed is a blend of health-boosting and tantalising ingredients and textures, with Banana, Pumpkin Seeds, Peanuts and Whole Oats providing your parrots with the fats and fibres they need to flourish and thrive.


Becoming a Part of Positive Change

In line with our philosophy, 5% of all of our sales are donated to the One Tree Planted charity, which is an eco conscience and non-profit organisation that plants trees in deforested areas all over the world. Being a part of a positive force for change has never been so easy.