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Feeding Chickens - How To Feed Chickens At Home

In the UK, there has been a pattern of more and more people deciding to keep a personal flock of chickens in the garden, and here at Seedzbox we are wholeheartedly in favour of this change.

Chickens are delightful, funny and adorable little birds. They are irresistibly cuddly and soft, have goofy and endearing personalities and they have an astounding range of vocalisations, often beginning a chorus to greet their humans as they walk into the garden.

And eggs – chickens are probably the only pets who gift their humans with breakfast alongside a daily dose of laughs and cuteness.

With that in mind, here are our top tips of feeding chickens:

i) Chickens need nutritious food and variety to thrive

Chicken nutrition isn’t particularly difficult to understand, but it is crucial for their health and happiness.

Laying hens, especially, require a high-quality and nutritious source of food so that they can continue to lay delicious eggs and maintain their silky soft feathers.

Whilst the majority of their nutrition should come from a chicken food produced by a reputable company, chickens are vivacious little animals who love variety in their life.

ii) Get creative when feeding your chickens, but avou

Nibbling and pecking away at the same uniform pellets everyday can quickly become boring, and a range of treats and snacks are one of the best ways to keep your hens, and yourself, entertained.

When it comes to feeding chicken treats, they can eat a surprisingly diverse range of items available in our kitchen.

The most important rule is to ensure that it is fresh and completely natural, so of course overly-processed or any food with additives such as sugar and salt should be avoided.

iii) Always give your chickens fresh water regularly

Fresh water, which is changed and cleaned regularly, is of course a crucial requirement.

This is particularly the case the laying hens, who need to remain hydrated so that they don’t suffer from exhaustion.

iv) Great treats for chickens include tomatoes, boiled eggs and even kale!

In terms of treats, chickens will devour almost anything you give them, and tomatoes, boiled eggs, berries, kale and meal worms are a guilt-free treat for indulgent hens.

Even with these, it’s worth bearing in mind that they should be given in moderation, so that chickens don’t lose out on important dietary requirements.


With SeedzBox Ultimate Deluxe Poultry Chicken Feed Treat Mix, any worries associated with giving your chickens the right or wrong treats, or filling them up with empty calories of little nutritional value, are utterly dissipated. Poultry grit aids digestion, whilst maize, peanuts and millet are abundant with proteins and calcium.

v) Try to feed chickens by giving thought to what chickens eat in the wild

In the wild, chickens are jungle creatures who forage for their food in the undergrowth.

Even though they live in the comfort of your garden where food is handed to them, quite literally, on a plate, chickens love to imitate this behaviour and forage around.

Seed mixes are perfect to encourage scratching and foraging, providing them and their humans with a source of entertainment as they search for their favourite morsels before anyone else can get to them.


One of the highlights of keeping chickens is bringing them tantalising little morsels of food, watching them run around and cluck excitedly in anticipation of the deliciousness to come, and then devouring it in the blink of an eye.

SeedzBox Ultimate Deluxe Poultry Chicken Feed Treat Mix means that you can experience this joy everyday, satisfied by the knowledge that this is a treat bursting with a wholesome and nutritional blend of seeds which will ensure that your chickens are lively, energetic and happy for a long time to come.  

Happy Hens Love Seedzbox!

Why Happy Hens Adore SeedzBox Ultimate Deluxe Poultry Chicken Feed Treat Mix 

Seedzbox is a company consisting of a small team of bird enthusiasts, which means that our garden seeds and seed mixes are created by people who adore these delightful feathered creatures and want them to enjoy the finest quality of feed.

We have an in-depth understanding of the unique nutritional and dietary requirements of all of the birds we cater for, including our SeedzBox Ultimate Deluxe Poultry Chicken Feed Treat Mix which has been designed especially for chickens. 


Commercially available chicken feed is often mindlessly churned out by the corporate machine, with maximum profits and minimum expenditure pushing the well-bring of chickens quite low down in the priority list.

At Seedzbox, our mission couldn’t be more different – the health and welfare of the animals and pets in our lives is at the heart of our creative and manufacturing processes.

Seedzbox’s poultry chicken feed is bursting with beneficial vitamins, protein and fibre, which are not only delicious for your chickens but also a completely nutritional treat.

Our poultry food mixes are proudly blended in the UK, and are a rich source of nourishment, encouraging healthy and shiny feathers, stronger egg shells and overall well being and energy levels. places the health and welfare of animals and pets at the heart of the creating and manufacturing of our products.

Seezbox’s Ultimate Deluxe Poultry Chicken Feed Treat Mix is a blend of amazing ingredients, with poultry grit, peanuts, maize, banana chips and millet just being a selection of the wonders inside your chickens’ favourite treat!

Becoming a Part of Positive Change

In line with our philosophy, 5% of all of our sales are donated to the One Tree Planted charity, which is an eco conscience and non-profit organisation that plants trees in deforested areas all over the world. Being a part of a positive force for change has never been so easy.