Hamster Toys - A Seedzbox Guide To Buying Hamster Toys

Are you overwhelmed by the wide range of hamster toys available? Worry not, for we have the ultimate guide with everything you need to know before making a purchase!


Visiting a toy store can get a tad bit intimidating if you haven't done your research beforehand. A wide variety of hamster toys are available in the market, and choosing the perfect one to buy for your pet is undoubtedly an anxiety-inducing task. That's why, after extensive research, we have gathered the ultimate guide to purchasing hamster toys!

Where to start?


The first step to buying a hamster toy is not to buy one at all. Yes, you heard us right! If you're starting your shopping from scratch, you need to pump the brakes and get a good hamster cage first. According to research, keeping the hamster in a cage can prolong its life by a year or two! Since the hamster will spend most of its time inside the cage and it will essentially be its home, the hamster toys you buy need to be according to the cage. 


People often associate toys for pets with cats and dogs, which is farthest from the truth. All domestic animals, no matter how great or small in size, needs toys to stay active and happy. The same is the case for hamsters – they need toys not only to exercise and avoid the threat of obesity but also to stimulate their minds and ensure good mental health. You can place many fun hamster toys inside the cage to give your little guy all the opportunities for exploration and thrill! 


As a pet owner, you must be showering all the love in the world on your furry mate. Know that providing them with the toys they need to make their days lively and delightful is one of the best ways of expressing your love!


The best hamster toys

Chew toys


Chew toys should be your first choice while searching for hamster toys since hamsters have incisor teeth that are constantly growing, and chew toys act like braces to ensure the teeth come in perfectly. While looking for a chew toy, make sure to go for the wooden option. The ones available at standard pet stores usually have cedar or other evergreen-type woods.


However, make sure whichever toy you pick out does not contain pesticides and insecticides, as they can harm your pet. The easiest way to ensure the quality of the chew toys you pick is to choose the ones made specifically for hamsters. 



Hamster Wheel 


A hamster wheel is the most common choice for physical exercise since it is readily available for dwarf and normal-sized hamsters. While choosing a hamster wheel, make sure to pick one that is proportional to the size of the hamster and can easily fit in the cage without being too cramped up. Make sure to place the wheel on a solid surface to avoid the risk of injuries for your hamster.


An alternative option to the hamster wheel is a running disk which is considered much safer for the hamster. Unlike the hamster wheel, the running surface is flat, reducing the chances of spinal injuries.


Hamster sand bath 


As you know, a hamster licks itself clean, but treating your hamster to the occasional sand bath can be fun. It creates an authentic wildlife experience for your furry mate while also being an excellent method for cleaning his fur and removing grease and any skin parasites from his body.


Pro tip: if you feel your hamster is getting dirty, opt for a sand bath instead of exposing him to water. Hamsters generally hate being wet and giving them a water bath is rarely advisable.


A Hide and Seek tunnel


It is no secret that hamsters love to hide, so treating them with a hide and seek tunnel will surely get you in your pet's good graces! To take it a step further, find a tunnel with multiple options for entry and exit. This might take you a while to find, but it will be worth it once you see how much your hamster enjoys the toy.


If your hamster is on the smaller side, you will have no problem finding this at a pet store. However, if you have a Syrian hamster, you might have to search around to find the perfect tunnel size for your pet.


A digging toy


Not all hamsters enjoy digging, but some often do. Due to this, digging toys for hamsters aren't generally available in pet stores. Depending on your hamster's personality, if you want to get him a digging toy, you can easily make one for him at home.


Just fill the bottom of his cage with bedding and padding. Ensure it is soft and thick (almost the width of your hand) to avoid injuries. This will be a fun way to keep him busy throughout the day! 


How do I find the perfect toy?


Understand your hamster's personality


When it comes to pets, there isn't a one-size-fits-all rule. Like humans, hamsters have different personalities, too. Now that you know all the best toys available for your pet, you need to understand your hamster's unique needs and personality to find the perfect toys to complement his interests. Your hamster might enjoy one toy but completely ignore the rest, so instead of immediately going on a shopping spree, spend some time with him first and learn about his likes and dislikes. 


Be creative


Hamsters are generally wild creatures. To successfully be domestic pets, they need to utilize their energy and abilities effectively. You can't just throw a ball in your hamster's cage and go about your day expecting him to remain entertained. Toys are necessary to provide your hamster the stimulation he needs – otherwise, he might get very agitated and frustrated.


Be patient


Hamsters can also outgrow their interests. With a pea-sized attention span, a hamster can be completely indulged in a toy for a month and then ignore it afterward. This simply means that your hamster no longer finds that toy compelling enough to remain interested in it. Try not to enforce a toy or an activity on your hamster and give him the time and space to find himself pivoting towards it.


We understand that caring for a hamster can be complex and a little confusing. Just spend quality time with him and try to understand his needs with an open mind. You two will be getting along in no time, and all your efforts will be worth it!

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