A little guide to hamster cages and hamster wheels

Hamster Cages

Keeping a hamster as a pet is real fun for your children because it is liked by all groups of ages of children. If you’re keeping a Hamster as a pet then you should know that it will be with you for a short period because it has a short lifespan.

In the wild, the hamster can live about one year or something more or less than this time period, however, you can increase its life span up to two or three years by keeping it in the cage. So, the first thing that you would need to get before getting a hamster is a hamster cage. We have hamster cages of different sizes and shapes that you can get on your own need.

Hamster cages are specially designed for hamsters so that one should not need anything else to make it complete for hamster. The minimum space required for an adult hamster to live freely in a cage is about 24 inches by 12 inches and the cage should be at least 12 inches high so that ceiling may not cause any hindrance in the movement of this little creature.

Plastic Hamster cages can be used if you have to keep your little lifeline at different places because they are mostly closed from the underside. Moreover, it has a tubing system that can be real fun for your hamster but not for you. Because it can be a real chore to clean these things. However, you can choose a plastic hamster cage free of plastic tubes or one that may have slides because they are open to having only one side to clean.

Plastic hamster cages come in two types. One is closed from all the sides and has a few openings for ventilation and the other one is with plastic wires. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose one which you would think will be perfect for hamster. Both types of cages can be opened from the middle and can be cleaned easily. A close plastic hamster cage can hinder a little bit of ventilation for your small friend in hot areas, however, it’s perfect if you’re living in cold areas.

One of the old and most commonly used cages is the metallic wire cage. Hamster cages are also made of metallic wire. The main benefit of such type of hamster cage is its durability. If you are a hamster lover then you can house several hamsters in a single cage at different ages.

Besides the durability, it’s well ventilated and your small friend will live happily in it because they are well ventilated. The other benefit of these cages is the cleaning as they have plastic or metallic trays under the wired floor and you can easily clean it by just removing it from the cage.

These are the best cages for hamsters if you are going to keep them inside the house. Air remains open from all the sides and the cage remain ventilated all the time. If you have to keep changing the location of where your hamster lives or if your children are naughty and they can’t leave their hamster in one place then you shouldn’t go with this type of cage because changing places will not only disturb your hamsters, but also it may cause contamination of feces in your hamster’s water or feed.

Hamster Wheels

If you haven’t kept a pet hamster and only seen it in the movie or anime, then the first thing that will come to your mind after getting a hamster cage is the hamster wheel. You may have several questions after reading the word “Hamster Wheel” like, is it necessary for the hamster? Or is it bad for its health? Or how should I select a perfect wheel for my hamster?

As you know hamster is a rodent and they run very fast and, in the wild, like all other rodents, hamsters have to roam along large routes to get their food – often travelling several miles in a single day.

So, keeping in view the nature of hamsters you should necessarily provide a hamster wheel to your little friend. A hamster wheel in the hamster cage will be like a treadmill and it’ll keep your little furry friend healthy and sound by providing a daily exercise that is necessary for its health.

If you don’t provide your hamster with a hamster wheel then it’ll not only deteriorate the health of your hamster, but also cause depression. Such circumstances can lead to severe health problems and lower life expectancy.

The other thing that is commonly asked is what the wheel size and material should be. As hamsters are from the rodent family, we should provide a hamster with a durable materials, so they  can’t chew it or if it can chewed, then it should be safe for its health.

So, the best options are metallic and wooden hamster wheels for hamsters and the size of an average hamster wheel is around 12 inches in diameter, but you can purchase a larger or smaller depending upon the breed of hamster you have.

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