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Budgie Food - Budgerigar Seed Mix 1kg For Budgies

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SeedzBox places a strong emphasis on crafting high-quality seed mixes that are truly adored by animals. They take great pride in feeding pets in the right manner, using premium grains and seeds that are clearly visible and free from any fillers or bulking powders.

Their Ultimate Deluxe Budgie Food is a prime example of this commitment to quality. It includes a well-thought-out blend of ingredients specifically chosen for their nutritional benefits for budgerigars.

The mix contains White Millet, known for its high protein and fibre content; Oat Groats, rich in carbohydrates and potassium; Canary Seed, loaded with antioxidants and protein; Niger Seed, which is high in oil content, carbohydrates, and fibre; Red Millet, another excellent source of protein and carbohydrates; Safflower, high in fat and oleic acid; and Soya Bean Oil, a source of healthy fats.

This blend is meticulously formulated to cater to the dietary needs of budgies. Budgerigars have a particular fondness for seed variety, and this mix is designed to appeal even to the pickiest of these birds. It provides an array of textures and ingredients, ensuring that your feathered friend remains engaged and satisfied for hours.

One of the key principles of SeedzBox is avoiding fillers or powders in their mixes. This ensures that the birds are not just consuming empty calories but are instead enjoying a diverse and nutritious diet. Grass-derived seeds and grains, which should constitute about 50% of a pet bird's intake, are a significant component of this mix, adding to its appeal and nutritional value.

In addition to focusing on the health and well-being of pets, SeedzBox also contributes to environmental sustainability. They donate 5% of the proceeds from each sale to the One Tree Planted Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to global reforestation. This initiative allows customers to help the planet while providing for their budgies.

The Ultimate Deluxe Budgie Food is available in a 1kg bag, offering plenty of high-quality feed for your pet. This generous quantity ensures that your budgie is well-fed until the next refill, reflecting SeedzBox's thorough approach to pet care and environmental responsibility.

5% of all sales are donated to One Tree Planted, an NGO that plants trees with reforestation projects all over the world - With your help, Seedzbox has donated 45,142 trees since 2020.

Delivery Charge: (tracked courier delivery): £2.99 under 2kg; £3.99 over 2kg. Free delivery on orders over £45. 

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Budgie Food - Budgerigar Seed Mix 1kg For Budgies Sale price£7.99