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Guinea Pig Food 1.8kg - Crunchy Seed Feed For Guinea Pigs

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SeedzBox is committed to creating high-quality seed mixes that are greatly loved by animals, focusing on providing the right nutrition with premium grains and seeds that are clearly visible. They avoid using fillers or bulking powders, ensuring that pets receive pure and beneficial nutrition.

The SeedzBox Ultimate Deluxe Guinea Pig Crunchy Feed Feast is a testament to this commitment, specifically formulated for the dietary needs of guinea pigs.

This 1.8kg mix contains a variety of nutritious ingredients, including Vitamin C Pellets, Vitamin and Mineral Pellets, Cooked Flaked Barley, Cooked Flaked Peas, Whole Oats, Cooked Flaked Maize, Cooked Flaked Wheat, Alfalfa Pellets, Dried Grass, Cooked Flaked Groats, Cooked Flaked Soya Beans, Dried Carrots, Beetroot, and Soya Bean Oil. Each component is chosen to provide a balanced and tasty diet for guinea pigs.

The mix is designed for guinea pigs with discerning tastes, blending crunchy grains and vegetables in a traditional muesli mix. This crunchy texture is not only appealing but also helps to file down their continuously growing teeth. The dry mix complements a diet of timothy hay or similar foods, providing guinea pigs with a varied and enjoyable diet.

Nutrition is a key focus of this mix. Guinea pigs, like humans, cannot produce Vitamin C on their own, so the mix is enriched with vitamin C pellets. Alfalfa pellets are also included as a great source of calcium, vital for young, pregnant, nursing, or unwell guinea pigs. The mix contains no fillers or powders, ensuring that the guinea pigs are consuming a nutritious and delicious diet.

SeedzBox also shows its commitment to the environment by donating 5% of the proceeds from each sale to the One Tree Planted Foundation. This non-profit organization focuses on global reforestation, allowing customers to contribute to the well-being of the planet while feeding their pets.

The 1.8kg bag of SeedzBox Ultimate Deluxe Guinea Pig Crunchy Feed Feast offers plenty of wholesome food, ensuring that even the pickiest guinea pigs will find something to their liking.

This large bag provides enough food to last for a considerable period, making it a practical and nutritious choice for guinea pig owners. SeedzBox's blend of quality ingredients and environmental consciousness makes their Guinea Pig Crunchy Feed Feast an excellent choice for those looking to provide the best for their pets and the planet.

Amazon Top Rated Product. Buy direct from our website for the best prices.

5% of all sales are donated to One Tree Planted, an NGO that plants trees with reforestation projects all over the world - With your help, Seedzbox has donated 45,142 trees since 2020.

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