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Article: Do squirrels drink water?

Do squirrels drink water? - Seedzbox

Do squirrels drink water?

No, squirrels don’t drink a lot of water since they get most of the water that they require from their diet. Squirrels eat a lot of moist vegetable matter of one form or another, and frequently forage in dew-soaked surroundings where they cannot avoid water.

However, they do also drink water, although this behaviour is seldom seen in the wild. Wild squirrels occasionally drink from water- filled hollows in tree-trunks, and from small puddles trapped in leaves.  If the edge of a pond or stream is close to woodland it may also be visited, particularly in warm weather.

Grey squirrels are well known for their bold, outgoing behaviour, and they frequently visit garden pools and bird baths for a drink, as well as from fountain pools in a public parks.

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