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Article: Hamster body language – hamster facial expressions

Hamster body language – hamster facial expressions - Seedzbox

Hamster body language – hamster facial expressions

Hamsters can communicate quite well with each other, using scent, body posture, and sounds, but humans are pretty much limited to interpreting just a few of the postures and some of their sounds. However, just a partial knowledge of postures and sounds will really help you understand what's going on in your hamster's world.

Our first tip is making sure you can see your hamster often by putting the cage in a viewable area, so you can often have a chance to observe and learn about their behaviour.

Here are a few ways your hamster uses body language to tell you how it is feeling or thinking. In many cases, body language is a clue to a high stress level and not a good state for a hamster, but a very good early warning of problems. As you get to know your hamster, you'll be able to see if it’s calm and relaxed or if it’s stressed.

Why do hamsters watch you with ears erect?

They’re just curious and inquisitive about something, but pretty calm and relaxed.

When and why are your hamsters’ ears laid back?

Your hamster is suspicious of something and is watching you carefully or there may be another pet like a dog or cat nearby?

When and why do hamsters’ ears go forward and cheek pouches are puffed up?

Your hamster is feeling frightened. This is often when they first arrive to a new home from a pet store.

When and why do hamsters groom themselves?

This is very natural behaviour and normally happens when the hamsters wake and self-grooming as part of the daily routine.  It also happens when hamsters move to new surroundings.

When and why do hamsters stretch?

There are two meanings to this movement, which dependent on circumstances. In this case, their head position is the key to understanding.  

A hamster will normally stretch when they’re feeling relaxed. If you are holding your hamster and he stretches with his head up and back, ears relaxed, accept it as a compliment that they like you and is comfortable in your hands.

A hamster will also stretch out and hold the position but keep his face level and his ears in the alert mode. This hamster is checking out a new situation or the presence of another hamster within scent range. In short, they’re doing a risk assessment and trying to figure out if there any potential dangers.

Why are hamsters’ cheek pouches hastily emptied?

This may be because your hamster feels insecure and wants to escape. This sometimes happen when they first move to new surroundings.

Why do hamsters stands on their back feet and move their front arms together like they’re boxing?

Your hamster feels threatened and is countering with aggression.

Why do hamsters’ teeth chatter?

The teeth chatter is a high-pitched sound for a short duration. Your hamster is trying to forestall aggression by an intruder by warning them to back off.

Why does a hamster is startled leaps away when you approach the cage?

Most likely, you're moving too fast and your hamster isn't feeling safe and could use some time by himself before you approach him again.

When does a hamster flops onto its back and displays its teeth?

When hamsters fight each other, this is one way the loser in a hamster fight signals defeat. Your hamster is saying you are the winner, therefore respect his action by backing off and leaving him alone for a bit.

Why does a hamster creeps along floor of cage, especially near the walls?

Normally, this is because the hamster feels uncertain and a little frightened. This often happens when they move to a new cage and he'll explore the centre of the cage once the perimeter is secured in his mind.

Why does a hamster burrow through clean litter in his cage?

The hamster is just curious, happy and He's happy and checking to see if perhaps there might be some food hidden away.

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Thanks so much for your help— I really appreciate it. I have a hamster too. Female hamsters are more active but mine is a male. Now I know why my hamster always escapes.. and why he always walking near walls.


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