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Article: SeedzBox Black Sunflower Seedz Poem

SeedzBox Black Sunflower Seedz Poem - Seedzbox
Farmer John

SeedzBox Black Sunflower Seedz Poem

Box Black Sunflower is unique, it’s British grown for Bird’s to eat. 

It only travels a few hundred miles, 

To save the planet will make you smile. 

The seeds are cleaned for the birds to eat, 

Which turns them into a feeding treat. 

All garden birds will take their fill, 

And they say these seeds do fill the bill. 

Woodpeckers’ Finches and Blue Tits, 

Will purge your feeders in a tick. 

Please keep then filled lt does make sense, 

don’t keep them waiting on the fence. 

Ryme by
Farmer John

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